Firstly, thank you for choosing Envision Online to develop your website.

The purpose of this page is to list the user guides on how to use your WordPress website. We shall continue to add more guides over time. You are welcome request a new guide by email if there isn’t one listed below.

How to login to your website

How to edit your page

New Email Setup

Please use the following instructions to manually setup your new email account. Please use the username and password we have already provided to you. Username: {Your selected email} Password: {Your selected password} IMAP Settings (Recommended) Incoming server:...

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Professional Email

Give the right first impressionProfessional Email Give the right first impression to your clients Email address matching your domain Unlike free providers, with hosted email you aren't restricted to a limited list of available email addresses, and with a free domain...

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Welcome to WordPress 5.2

Keeping Your Site Safe WordPress 5.2 gives you even more robust tools for identifying and fixing configuration issues and fatal errors. Whether you are a developer helping clients or you manage your site solo, these tools can help get you the right information when...

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Domain Checker

Use our domain checker to see if your website address is available to purchase.  Envision provides tailored advice. Tips for your online success. Technical support. Support available via a direct phone number, chat and email. Available to all Envision customers....

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SSL Certificate

You might have noticed that some browsers such as Chrome display warning messages when visitors browse your website. This is because the website does not have a SSL certificate, and it warns your visitors that their data is not secured. Advantages of SSL Encryption...

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Add a product to WooCommerence

In this guide we'll learn how to add a new product to your website. First login to your dashboard. Select Products then Add New from the side menu Type the product title (1) and a description of the product (2) Enter a price (1). Select which category the product...

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Guide Product Out of Stock

In this guide we shall set a product to out of stock using WooCommerence. First Login to your website to see your dash board. Then select Products and All Products in the side menu. Choose the product which should be set to Out of Stock. Scroll to the bottom of the...

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Guide – How to edit a page

The purpose of this guide is how to edit a page. In this example we shall use the visual editor. Note: This guide assumes you have already logged into your website. Instructions on how to login to your website are here You should have the menu bar at the top of your...

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Guide – How to login to your Website

By the end of this guide, you should be able to login to your website Please refer to the email Envision sent to you for login credentials. You can login to your website by typing into your web browser: www.(your-website)/wp-admin You will then see the following login...

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Differences Between IMAP and POP3

IMAP and POP3 are protocols for accessing emails stored on a mail server. You can configure your email software to access emails from your 1&1 IONOS email account using either IMAP or POP3. We recommend IMAP. In this article you will learn why. IMAP (Internet...

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