Website Hosting

Lighting fast experience

Envision Online provides high performance website hosting for small to medium size companies.

We offer high performance servers for a smooth browsing experience.

All hosting is backed with our customer support  What is unique about Envision Online is that we have dedicated staff who want to provide you with the best possible customer support with your website.

Standard Features

100 Mbit bandwidth for quick connections to the internet Unlimited Traffic PHP 5 Database CronJobs / Scheduled Tasks Geo-redundancy – Extra Data Protection. Your website is stored on two servers in separate locations. In the event of failure, the secondary server automatically starts for uninterrupted service to your clients Firewall. Data is projected by an up to date firewall Redundant connectivity 300Gb/sec IPv6 ready Subdomains


Unlimited Email Email Forwarding Antispam  & Anti-Phishing

Technical Support

Free e-mail support – From our dedicated technical support team

Optional Extra

Static IP Address Search Engine Optomisation Reliable backup solution to ensure the security of your data Servers for are higher performance whilst still being affordable SSL Certificate Antivirus Internet Security Microsoft Exchange