You might have noticed that some browsers such as Chrome display warning messages when visitors browse your website. This is because the website does not have a SSL certificate, and it warns your visitors that their data is not secured.

Advantages of SSL Encryption

  • Better Security: Data transmission to and from your visitors is safe and protected.
  • Increased Trustworthiness: Your visitors recognise the security level in the browser’s address bar
  • We use Market Leader DigiCert: 256-bit SSL encryption

When we install a SSL certificate for your website, we also ensure your website is correctly configured. This includes checking all your images and external websites also make use of the secured connection.

If you would like a SSL certificate setup on your website or have any questions then please contact for a quote.

How do I recognise SSL secured pages?

  • If a page was loaded with an SSL-secured connection, you can verify this using the address displayed in your browser. The website will start https:// for a secured connection. Where-as http:// is a unsecured connection.
  • Some browsers additionally mark protected pages with a special symbol. For example, Chrome, Edge or Firefox use a lock symbol to indicate encrypted content. Click on the icon to view more information about the encryption.

The benefits of having a SSL certificate are:

Protect your data transactions

SSL secures the browser connection between visitors and your website with up to 256-bit encryption. This means all transmitted data is protected from third parties attempting to access it.

Increases trust with your website visitors

You want your visitors to feel confident that you are taking measures to protect the information they submit on your website. DigiCert is a global leader in internet security, meaning you have leading SSL security standards at your fingertips.

Better ranking with Google

Google ranks websites with SSL higher compared to sites without security certification. Professionally validated sites can receive up to 6% higher rankings in search results!

Browse the internet safely

Our SSL certificates are compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices so your visitors and customers know their data is protected and encrypted.