Kerri required technical support updating their website for on kitchen designs. Throughout the redesign process Kerri and Peter worked closely together to ensure all design requirements listed below was completed sucessfully!

Kerri: wonderful seller, always helpful and over delivers ! Love working with him because he makes it so easy!


Their requirements were too

1. Set up the Passions Posts page so that when I write a new post it automatically goes there

2. Under the Resources header – set up a spate page Free Business Transformation Session

3. Fix up the layout of the resources page in the following ways :

– in the mediation section the pages need to be hyperlinked if not YouTube video isn’t there

– change the colour of the heading’s to the blue font used

– use a larger font for the heading’s Practical Solutions and Mood Shifters

4. On the home page

– is it possible to include the pic of me in the sidebar area

The picture is already in the gallery section

– increase size of font for my name and change to blue green colour

5. On the about me page increase size of font for my name and change to blue green colour

6. Add the blue green signature in the larger font to the 1:1 Kerri and add it to the Kerri’s Kitchen page so that when I update
the text there it is already there

7 . Insert the mp4 file just after enquire now on the Kerri’s Kitchen page before the special offer

Increase the font of the words Special offer on Kerri’s Kitchen page and make bluey green colour