Local SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

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First we’ll start by discussing Local SEO.

Local SEO is a crucial strategy to improve the success of every business. By following our articles we can help your business achieve maximum local viability on search engines such as Google.

Did you know that when you search on Google they perform the following background checks?

  • Your History, i.e information about yourself
  • Your previous searches
  • Cookies (information other websites have stored about you)

Google uses this history as well as your location and other factors to determine what search results are most relevant.

They can determine your location by a combination of your

  • IP address
  • Public network connections
  • GPS data (If available)

Google also evaluates the search term entered by the user.

This falls into three categories

1/ Contextual search

Contextual search is where the user provides Google with a specific location and that location is identical to where the user currently is.  For example Hairdresser in Tewkesbury.

2/ Inferred search

Inferred search is where a user provides Google with a location specific search term that contradicts the users actual location.

For example: You are in Evesham and you search for a business in Tewkesbury. Google will have to infer that you actually want information from Tewkesbury not Evesham.

3/ Intent-based Search

Intent-based search is where a user searches for a location-based term without providing an actual location.

For example a user might search for the word hairdresser. Google will need to decipher where the user actually is and which businesses would be most appropriate based upon that uses location. This is fast becoming the most popular method of search used due to what an technology been able to provide location data automatically such as mobile phones providing GPS data.

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