Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps is a free service offered by Google. You are most probably familiar with this product, or other online mapping services such as Bing Maps.

These online maps are a very useful tool, as it can be integrated into your website to help your clients find where your business is based geographically.

If you don’t know how to do this, or you simply don’t have the time, then we can help. We offer this service with all our packages, and we have the skill set to use the more advance features of Google maps.

An example of a more complex project we developed is a real time bus tracking system. This allowed people to find the location of a bus – in real time – and calculated when it will arrive at their stop. The software could also locate the customer in relation to the bus, and determine the nearest bus stops. This was all done automatically. This type of system would normally cost a company £10k’s. We successfully managed to prototype a system to provide real time bus tracking for a fraction of the cost. A video of the online bus tracking system is shown below.

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