What is Cookie Compliance?

What is Cookie Compliance?

The UK introduced changes to the Privacy and Electronics Communications (EC Directive) Regulations on the 25th May 2011.  These changes are concerned with the use of cookies and similar technologies for storing information, and access information stored on a user’s equipment such as a computer or mobile. The change to the EU privacy legislation means that websites must obtain consent before using cookie to remain compliant with the European law. The purpose of this law is to protect the privacy of internet users, even if this information is not personally identifiable.

What are Cookies?

A Cookie is a small computer file which is downloaded to your device when accessing certain websites. The cookie can then sent back to the originating website on subsequent visits.
Example of cookies includes remembering the goods a user wishes to buy when they proceed to the checkout / shopping basket. If your website uses cookies then you must

  • Tell people that the cookies are there,
  • Explain what the cookies are doing, and
  • Obtain their consent to store a cookie on their device.

Requirement by Law

The law requires that a person shall not store or gain access to information stored, in the terminal equipment of a subscriber or user unless the requirements of paragraph (2) are met.

(2) The requirements are that the subscriber or user of that terminal equipment
(a) The website explains with clear and comprehensive information about the purposes of the storage of, or access to, that information; and
(b) the user has given his or her consent.
Regulation 6 of the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 (PECR)

What happens if I do nothing?

If your website is not compliant with the EC directive then you could receive a fine from the UK’s Information Commissioners Office. The fine can be up to £500k.

How can we help?

Relax, Envision Online has studied the legislation so you do not have to. We can ensure that your website is made compliant with minimal interrupt. Envision online can conduct a cookie audit on your website which involves the following steps.

  • Identify which cookies are operating on or through your      website
  • Confirm the purpose(s) of each of these cookies
  • Confirm whether you link cookies to other information      held about users – such as user-names
  • Identify what data each cookie holds
  • Confirm the type of cookie i.e. session or persistent
  • If it is a persistent cookie how long is its lifespan?
  • Is it a first or third party cookie? If it is a third      party cookie who is setting it?
  • Double check that your privacy policy provides accurate      and clear information about each cookie

So why not contact us and we’ll guide you through the process.

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