Communicating via email

Communicating via email

All businesses should have an email address. Consumer expect this option when buying product(s) or service(s). Email is as commonplace as having an phone number and has the convenience that you can leave a message 24 hours a day.

You might consider using a free email account such as Google or Yahoo for business use and we shall explain why this isn’t recommended.

Beware of Imitations

If you receive an email, the first thing that you will want to do is check that the email is genuine. We have all heard about online fraud, and this is going to be the same for your potential customer. How do they know the email sent by your company is genuine?

Well the first check for any consumer should be to check that the email address matches the company’s name. This will give the customer confidence of its authenticity. If the email is received from yahoo, hotmail etc, then it is possible that a consumer will consider it spam without opening it up. This will most probably cause considerable frustration to your customer and potentially lose your company business.

Another reason for having a personalised email address is that it is much more professional. You would not expect the receive an email from your bank manager using a hotmail account would you? So why should your client expect anything less?

All our clients are offered their own business email addresses as part of the package. So contact us today, and we’re get you up and running.

Advantages of email

  • Brand Identity
  • Communicate with customers and suppliers
  • Internal communication with your staff
  • Electronic newsletters
  • Cost effective communication. Faster than conventional mail, no postage, printing, envelopes.

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