Introduction Videos

Because videos are more social!

Why use Introduction Videos?

By having a introduction video for example makes it easier to connect with your audience. They can quickly identify with your brand as soon as they start to watch the video and therefore more likely to watch the full duration. Web video is a crucial element on websites that extends the users visits and ensure the visits are more meaningful. This will generate more enquiries and potentially more sales. A major advantage is the videos can be accessed 24/7 which is especially useful if your business is focused on a global market.

Did you know that Web videos are fast becoming a key element in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? Video sales such as YouTube often appear on the first page of Google. So by creating video content which and careful consideration of keywords, descriptions, tags etc then you can effectively boost your SEO!

Introduction videos are a great way to deliver a consistent message in your media. You can animate your business name or logo to appear before and after your own video.

Business Introduction Video

Website videos are also a great way to engage with your target audience and is therefore a fantastic communication tool. It allows a better communication and understanding between the business and the client. This is because videos can produce clear communication and ease of understanding about your products and services

Suggestions of work

  • Introduction videos / Video Openers which look great on YouTube, or as an intro to your own business
  • Promotional videos to explain your business products or services
  • Commercial videos such as adverts online
  • Dance Performance
  • School Christmas Performances

More Examples of our work can be found on the Envision Online YouTube page

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